Amazon Web Services

Discover and ingest information related to Amazon Web Services used by your account(s).

Features available in the Integration

Below are a list of AWS ( services currently supported by configure8:

  1. AWS Application Load Balance ("AWS ALB")
  2. Amazon CloudFront
  3. Amazon DocumentDB
  4. Amazon DynamoDB
  5. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud ("Amazon EC2")
  6. Amazon ElastiCache
  7. Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service ("AWS EKS")
  8. Amazon Elastic Map Reduce ("AWS EMR")
  9. Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
  10. Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
  11. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
  12. AWS Lambda
  13. Amazon Neptune
  14. Amazon OpenSearch
  15. Amazon Route53
  16. Amazon Route53 Relational Database Service ("AWS RDS")
  17. Amazon Route53 Simple Notification Service ("AWS SNS")
  18. Amazon Simple Storage Service ("AWS S3")
  19. Amazon Simple Queue Service ("AWS SQS")
  20. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud ("AWS VPC")

How to integrate configure8 with Amazon Web Services

  1. Provide c8 with key-based access
  2. c8 seeks read-only permission
  3. c8 ingests eligible information

Don't see a service you use? Create a support ticket and let us know!